Competency Documents

There are competency frameworks for the following professional groups that are presented in alphabetical order.

Community Nurses

Lothian Community Nurses and Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSN) have worked from the many competency documents currently available to derive Diabetes Competencies for Community Nurses.
Lothian Community Nurses Competency in Diabetes (Aug 2012)
Diabetes Competencies for Community Nurses (Aug 2012)
Further information can be obtained from Jill Little, DSN.

Dietetics and other frontline staff

An Integrated Career and Competency Framework for Dietitians and Frontline Staff has been developed and is being utilized throughout the UK.

General Practitioners

General Practice training is governed by the Royal College of General Practitioners curriculum. Many General Practitioners who take a responsibility within their Practice for diabetes management may also undertake a variety of postgraduate courses in diabetes.

Hospital based Medical Staff

There are five diabetes management modules available to Foundation Years 1 and 2 Doctors on their e-portfolio.

Nurses (including Practice Nurses and Treatment Room Nurses)

An integrated career and competency framework for diabetes nursing has been developed as a result of collaboration between several professional bodies, representing nurses working in diabetes care: TREND-UK.


Orthotists have developed a competency framework from level 2 Support Workers to Level 8 Consultant Practitioners for the prevention, treatment and management of diabetic foot disease.
Diabetes Competency Framework Orthotics.
Diabetes Competency Framework Orthotics Level 6 Only.
Further information can be obtained from Nicola Munro, Advanced Specialist Orthotist.

Paediatric Nurses

The Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Group of the Royal College of Nursing have developed a role framework and service guidance for nursing staff working with children and young people with diabetes.
Specialist nursing services for children and young people with diabetes.


Competencies in Podiatry have been developed nationally1. Within Scotland there has been considerable work undertaken within Podiatry to provide standards of care applicable across all Health Boards in Scotland.
Podiatry Competency Framework for Integrated Diabetic Foot Care.
More information can be found at: Diabetes in Scotland - Foot Action Group.


Community Pharmacists are increasing their role in the care of people with diabetes from screening for diabetes to referring people to the appropriate professional. While Pharmacists do not currently work within a competency framework, a Scottish research study identified various pertinent competencies for practice2.


Clinical and health psychologists have competence in working across a wide range of physical health problems including diabetes.

Other related competency frameworks

Competencies have been developed to deliver interventions to change lifestyle behaviours that affect health3. Such competencies are relevant in the care of people with diabetes.


1. TRIEPodD-UK (2012) Podiatry Competency Framework for Integrated Diabetic Foot Care – A User’s Guide TRIEPodD-UK, London
2. Power AM (2008) Community pharmacy type 2 diabetes care: design and evaluation of a model to support continuous professional development. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
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