Care Homes

The Scottish Diabetes Education Advisory Group (SDEAG) completed a survey of the educational needs of staff in Care Homes in Scotland in March 2013. The results are being analysed and a report will be available soon.

This survey built on a previous survey undertaken in Ayrshire and Arran and prior to that, in Lothian Health Board. Together, these surveys will inform the future direction of work on diabetes in Care Homes.

Ayrshire and Arran Health Board have developed an on-line course for people working in Care Homes. To negotiate access to this, please contact Carolyn Oxenham.

NHS Education for Scotland have Care Home Educator Facilitators who work to enhance to learning environment for students. More information on the role of these people can be found at NES Practice Education.

NHS Fife have developed Diabetes Management Guidelines for Care Homes in Fife.
They have also undertaken an audit of foot care within Care Homes in Fife.

CPR for Diabetic Feet

The Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group (SDFAG) is currently working on a National initiative called CPR for Diabetic feet. A LearnPro module is available to support this initiative and can be found on the LearnProNHS website under the CPD section. A training manual, poster and pressure relief algorithm are also available on the Diabetes in Scotland website.